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    cycle advice

    good evening...I am new to this site and from the look of things, I feel I can trust the advice given from its members.

    Therefore, i am 29 years old (Male) 5'10 193lbs.

    I have been lifting and very active for the past 8 years however, I have not attempted to take any AAS.

    I am not looking to take gear to achieve body builder physique rather, I am attempting to take gear to enhance my training while cutting body fat and gaining strength. I am in the military so not looking to blow up, I want balance.

    I have been searching Clen, winstrol, anavar while taking t3. any advice on cycles I.E. amount to take, what works the best together, and for how long should i run the cycles. My diet, act is in check and I am a healthy male no issues.

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    Go simple.... 0.5 ml lean gain Ed with 0.5 ml TrenA Ed.
    Add Winstrol every 4 weeks eat under maintenance.

    Shred hard then, add 50 Anadrol Ed and 300 TestE and 750 EquiMax ew eat more.

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