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Thread: Be aware of fakes

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    Angry Be aware of fakes

    There are still many fakes circulating around the UK and Europe.

    We've just received an email from a customer asking if his products were real or fake. These are the same as a guy who faked our products in the past and these were only just recently bought last week from a person where he lives.

    * If you buy from the official website of Med-Tech Solutions, you can be guaranteed that your product is 100% real and genuine.
    * Always check the authenticity of your product before buying from a new source.
    * You may note that from time to time, we ourselves might not have labels sent to you due to a shortage and the customer of course wanting products in quick time, however, you can be guaranteed that the content is 100% quality no matter what... but only if bought from our official store!

    Compare your product with the real MTS here:


    Be aware of fakes-fake1-jpgBe aware of fakes-fake2-jpg
    Be aware of fakes-fake3-jpgBe aware of fakes-fake4-jpg
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    Fucking filt.. Always out there to make a quick buck.. Ruining someones contest prep orstrenght peak...all that haed work down the drain for a bit f money

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    I seen few fakes goin around in wales

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    Quality products sadly come with alot of fakers

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    With the money it takes to create fake products, why they dont just put a lil extra money into making real products to sell?!
    or am i just missing something.

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    Always ordered from here, so no issues yet. Gotta keep an eye out for these.

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    Gotta hate them, but jost order from here and you will get 100% real quality products

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrox View Post
    Always ordered from here, so no issues yet. Gotta keep an eye out for these.
    Same, did not realise there were actually fakes floating around, sure a lot of people will have been fooled by these...

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    I wish i was allowed to give sources in BB forums as i would direct them all here but unfortunately i would get banned . shame

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    only plan on ordering from here

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