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    Just ordered 12 ×10ml of these bad boys. Has anyone used this blend. Ive used the eqimax before good stuff. Bit sceptical fue to the amount of mg per ml but ive never had an issue with mts products ever. So keen. For my cycle.

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    I'm on Equimax too, this is 10th week on it, was skeptical too about dosage, injecting 750 mg ew (250 M W T) well delts are popping so imho legit stuff!

    Never used PrimoE, but a friend of mine used it at 700mg ed with just 150 TestE (all MTS stuff) and it was legit!

    Eq/Primo is interesting but imho Equipoise is dosed too high, i would prefer to have a 250/100 Eq/Primo blend or even better a 200/200 but PrimoE can't be dosed that high without a lot of EO that hurts as hell

    To notice PrimoE you need at least 500mg ew...
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    I'm also interested in how it goes with this Product.

    I'm planning to try this with a good extra dose of primo. Something like 1500/1000 mg eq/primo a week.

    I tried equi-max and eq/npp (with 1 ml phenyl rage ed).
    They are both fantastic. Just remember to warm up the oil before injection.

    The eq dosage is perfect. Only 3 injections a week and add some other steroid (npp or primo in my case).

    You need to consider that the undecylenate ester is very heavy. At the end you have only 60 percent of active boldenone. This means that if you take 1000 mg a week, in reality you have 600 mg of eq and 400 mg of ester.

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    Thanks guys for your thoughts.

    In my opinion the aesthetic effect of any gear shows at even super low doses as long as you are lean 5-10% body fat. My brother looked better than me on 250mg deca and 150mg test 20mg tbol ed. (All mts) than I did blasting 1200mg deca 350 tren 250 test 350 mast and 50 dbol when i was at 18% body fat.

    Ive always been a ball to wall 100% blasting for day 1 of my cycle on dosages. Im going to start on the super low side and meticulously increase carbs and protein and dosing gradually. Rather than just go max dose day 1 and huge calorie surplus.

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    I used a bottle of eq/primo mix and added in extra primo from MTS. Depending on dosage will depend on results. People kept telling me how hard,grainy,and vascular l looked. Everyone thought l was using tren because the primo with EQ gives you a real nasty look. It's good enough l ordered 2 more bottles and 5 primo

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