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Thread: Deca 300 and Test Enanthate ratio

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    Deca 300 and Test Enanthate ratio

    I was wondering what were the best doses to have these at. I have tried asking afew friends that have previous experience in using a deca cycle but they are quite big fella's though and they just said use testosterone but didn't state which was best testosterone to use and what was the best ratio of doses to combat against effects the deca such as low libido and possible gyno and erectile dysfunction and also I have hcg but where do I order bacteriostatic water from to increase the hcg's dosing rate? Please be kind to me... I can't give stats apart from measurement's not including exact height! Sorry

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    Did my first cycle of test e and deca 300 a few months back. Doses were 450mg test and 300mg deca a week split over 2 pins, Mon and Thurs. I also did Dbol for first 4 weeks at 30mg a day.

    At these doses I doubt you'd have a problem with libido or gyno, I didn't but depends on your body I guess. 300mg deca won't effect your libido but if your worried about gyno and start getting itchy nipples just add some AI in later on.

    Don't know about the bacteriostatic water. Maybe some one else can help with that.

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    Difficult to say anything if you're not willing to give stats. But 2ml of Test 400 (800mg) and 2ml of Deca (600mg) is my go-to ratio. You could experiment around, maybe 500mg Test and 300mg Deca for a start.

    I've tried running test at lower doses (100mg to 250mg) while keeping Deca at 600mg. The "look" was different where I was pumped and full but didn't look as watery or bloated and I really liked it more than when I ran test higher than Deca. I felt great for the first few weeks but somewhere along week 5 my libido started taking a hit.
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