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Thread: Hairloss / Fenasteride

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    Hairloss / Fenasteride

    Hi all

    I am experiencing hair loss and balding, everytime I run my hands through it there's hair on my hands.
    I have never really experienced this before, I am on 300mg test e each week atm.

    I have been recommended Fenasteride at 2.5mg ED (they are 5mg tabs) how long would this take to start working? Is there anything else I can do? I dont want to be loosing hair at 23 years old yet.

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    You can find lots of different hair loss prevention shampoos etc from pharmacies although if you're balding that stuff is genetic and some come with a risk even a risk of blinding and other issues within your body so make sure the stuff you get is actually legit and you read the side effects before hand, you was meant to bald sooner or later its just that because you're taking stuff its happening quicker. This is where alot of people don't relise alot of the side effects from steriods, e.g if you was meant to get some sort of illness steriods will make that come quicker but in the end you was going to get it they don't exactly create that themselves.

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    i'd choose dutasteride..better for hair loss imo

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    although sides from fina or duta should be taken into account too

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    Have you Hairloss right now , your Testo Dosage is very mild.
    Just Remember when all Hair is gone away it's time for Drosta think positiv.

    CHELSEASIL say it right... Dusta is the better choice.

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    at 23 it might be more genetic issue..check your family history if you prone to hair loss..if you do then its a pretty much lifetime struggle..also bear in mind that if you start medication like fina then its a lifetime commitment you have to take it all the time

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    My dad hasnt lost his hair, his hair tends to grey. I have never experienced hairloss until a few months ago. I have ordered some N2Shampoo, Nizoral Shampoo and Fina has not done fuck all for me.

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    MPB is mostly genetical, steroids and dht can and do speed up the process but they dont create it. the gene is passed through the male members of the mothers side family. most men never seen a steroids in their life and go bald or lose hair and some dudes are on 2 grams of masteron for 3yrs nonstop and hair thick as can be.

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    I went to the doctors about MPB a while ago. If it's supposed to happen it will happen. He said it will either get worse gradually or it will stop completely.
    Mine has stopped and iv noticed that steroids do not make it worse. Its a predisposed conduction.
    It's not even that bad to be honest

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