I wanted to try this combo for cutting a little body fat while increasing strength and adding some lean mass. I don't body build but I do crossfit and have for 3-4 years now, I can't be super big due to the amount of different things I do when working out. So with this in mind I ran anavar whilst on a restrictive diet to lean out and keep what muscle I had. Anavar worked well for two cycles but after my second cycle I wanted a bit more and I don't want to pin even knowing it would be the best way to reach my goals.

I started stanavar 3 weeks ago at 91kg 6ft tall and 25% body fat (Christmas is balls ! ) 3 weeks later on I'm 93.1kg and I've lost 2" off my waist and put 2-3" on my quads. I train 4 times a week min 1hr of metcons / strong man with lots of squatting and Olympic lifting.

My 1rm back squat was 165 and I'm now doing 10 reps at 150, my front squat has gone up 10kg and I'm pushpressing 10kg more also. Not massive numbers for some but I'm also running 2miles in 13 mins so cardio isn't suffering at all.
I'm constantly pumped and veins are showing up everywhere, the definition is way more pronounced than using var alone.
No bad sides thankfully either apart from the obvious drop in sexdrive around the end of week 2, obviously in an ideal world I'd run test all through this but as I said that's not a possibility.

All in all I'm super impressed at this combination, anyone who doesn't want to pin but wants a descent strength gain while cutting fat and putting a little lean mass on will not be dissapointed!