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Thread: My blast + diet for bullking, any further advice for it?

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    My blast + diet for bullking, any further advice for it?

    Actual stats:

    Age 29

    My blast for the upcomming 8 weeks:

    Bulk Bomb 1tab /ED
    25mcg T3 / ED
    1gr Test E /EW
    800mg Deca /EW (*thinking of doing a 400/500DECA + 300 NPP /EW)not sure of that move yet.

    *Why? I guessed that way I could get some better and stable blood levels of DECA as I didn't consider to frontcharge in any way.

    AI for the moment inexistent, had problems only once over the past 3 years with gyno since then I never again experienced any major issue.

    Diet is:

    358 protein / 336 Fats / 375 CH

    I do workout 5x week (with 4-3sets of 12-8-8 or similar) maximum weight.
    3 times a week im into training BJJ measured once with those kcal watches, that I am burning a 1.000 to 1.500cals during a BJJ training.

    So far after 2 weeks of diet and Bulkbomb kickstart I'm currently sitting 95-96kg with some water retention but no heavy bloated or similar.

    I'll be thankfull for any further advice on diet, training or AAS

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    I would swap out some fats for more carbs and lower calories a bit (unless you have a ridiculously high metabolism). You're probably taking to much gear for your stats also but at least it's light on and cheap so you're not wasting much money or raising risk of burning out.

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    Actually I forgot to mention that the fat sources are avocados, nuts, peanut butter so as far a lean bulk, no junk neither cheatmeals, I thought myself of highering carbs a bit and see what will be, any % how it should look alike?

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