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Thread: Fat as fuck and out of shape

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    Fat as fuck and out of shape


    I'm back

    After my year+ long EQ frontloaded crying child involved mental breakdown I am finally mentally-ish well again!

    And I haven't trained all year

    I spent the entire year on anxiety medications freaking out not even entering a gym living off of junk food. Being an idiot I turned to chocolate bars and cakes and muffins and things lol to make myself feel better and got myself into the same rut which caused my obesity at age 17...


    I'm 95 Kg now....a bad 95 Kg. A fat as fuck 95 kg.

    Not bodybuild fat...not BDD fat...legitimately clinically fat.

    I'm over 35% bodyfat that is for sure and I am DEPRESSED.

    In one year I went from 100 Kg 10% to frickin 95 Kg like 40% I absolutely hate myself this is like 3 years of hard work gone down the drain thanks to my silly depression sitting about in my room soothing my hurt feelings with muffins.

    SO I need this fat off me fast and I need to rebuild.

    I'm unsure of what to really do...I have very little lean tissue on me. I am fat so I cannot bulk and I cannot really cut very much because I am light AND fat.

    I have no ideas here it's like I have nowhere to go.

    I don't really want to use TREN. My mental state isn't up for it.

    Trestolone would be good but because I am fatter than fuck I will need HEAVY AI.

    Basically I need a way to get this fat off of me fast so I can rebuild some type of physique with the scraps I have left.
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    Hi mate

    Tren def sounds like a no go area for you, have you tried Primo ?
    Needs to be run high but nowhere near the sides you get from tren.
    You should get some Lean clean gains from that, your estrogen levels will be fine with primo to so no bloat/water weight
    Issues with that.
    You will with the test though so just keep on top of your AI intake

    No quick fix though mate for the fat loss, add t3, clen maybe to your cycle
    Or one of MTS pro oils that helps shed the weight
    BUT YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM 6 DAYS A WEEK if you want this weight gone within months

    keep us updated

    regards T

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    I was thinking 25 mg ED trestolone with 25 mg EOD Exemestane. I have a tonne left.

    I respond very well to trest

    Then a 50 75 50 T3 taper

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    omfg I've given myself obesity at age 20

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    Omg get help.. You are clearly not in the position to use aas...
    Fix your mental problems and then consider using them..

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    I'm clearly mentally stable

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    You are FAR away from stable....

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    I was being facetious

    My mental state isn't good at all

    I am about to get professional help, at last (yay)

    Don't worry, I am not taking anything until I get help, I am not that reckless (anymore)

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    You can cut/bulk on any type of gear, keep away from Tren until you're more stable which doesn't seem like anytime soon. Id say start on some test because test makes everyone feel better then maybe some NPP or something later down the line. Id say keep away from orals until your BF is lower or it will only regain once u come off them.

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