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Thread: Competition prep after 6 year lay off with all MTS produkts

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    Competition prep after 6 year lay off with all MTS produkts

    So it is time to put things into higher gear and start training and living a bodybuilders lifestyle yet again.
    I have been meaning to do this already 2 years ago but always some injuries where stopping me ( i will talk about this later in the thread).
    Doing this competition ( which wil take place in november 2017) is a big target for me not only because of multiple injuries but also because i was pretty much not realy serieus about diet and training for 5 years and was off everything except low HRT ( 150 mg testosterone/week and 2 i.u GH/day).
    Tomorrow i wil start a cycle which will last anything between 16-20 weeks. My goal in this fase is to recomp my body from being a fat ugly fuck ( ok maybe ugly wont change) to a acceptabel off season bodybuilder.
    Current status:
    -weight: 225 pounds/ 102 kg
    -Height: 5 foot 10 inch/ 178 cm
    -Fat %: 18%

    -Protein: 300 grams
    -Carbs: 250 grams
    -Fat: 120 grams
    More about actual diet later in this thread. Feel free to ask questions guys.

    I wil train 6 days in the week training every muscle group 3 times a week. just like with diet i wil come back to this during the thread towards the competion log.

    Supplements, All MTS:
    Before i write down the cycle just wanted to say that this is not my recomendation to anyone it is just my experiense what works best for me in regard that i have really a poor receptor affinitty to all medications.
    - 700-1000 mg primo
    - 700 mg trenbolone ac
    - 700 mg Npp
    - 500 mg masteron prop
    - 700 mg test enath
    - 50 mg anapolon before training for the first 6 weeks
    - 6 i.u G.H

    I took some starting pictures and wil take them every 3-4 weeks to monitor the progresss but the before pictures i wil post a bit later because i have to feel and look better to be able to post those shitty form pictures.
    Ok guys thats it for the moment. As always suggestions, questions and critisism ( good or bad), are welkom.

    I want to thank MTS to give me this great opportunity and everyone who will follow this thread.

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    Hi mate

    Nice big cycle there my friend, don't think I could handle that much
    Look forward to the progress reports and pics

    I have just started my cycle and have taken a pic but like yourself, I'm not to happy about posting it up
    until I have a mid cycle progress pic

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    Now this is what i call a great reply thanx mad4it.
    i have started the same thread at and guys there are just bashing and insulthing without knowing anything about me or my history.
    I wil keep up osting about my progress atleast 1 time every week. there i will talk more about training and nutrition and ofcourse about expirience with all the gear.

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    Yes I did see that mate
    some sites/forums are very clicky and can really put you off
    just keep at it and the progress report/pics will speak for themselves

    def keep us updated

    regards T

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    Ok time for evaluation of the first week:

    Lets start with training.
    Wel i think training 6 times a week wil be to much at this point. Still think that i can make the fastest process but for how long before i break down. So i wil change this to training 4 times a week for a slightly longer sessions. Still training every muscle group 3 times a week.

    Wel slight changes hier also:
    On training days:
    protein: 300 gr
    Carbs: 450 gr
    Fats: 70 gr

    Non training days:
    protein: 250 gr
    Carbs: 150 gr
    Fats: 130 gr

    - 700 mg primo
    - 350 mg mast
    - 350 mg NPP
    - 350 mg tren ac
    - 350 mg Test enat
    - 50 mg anadrol only before training
    I have to tell you gear from MTS is by far the smoothest i ever used. No PIP no caughfing swelling and that kind of shit. I can tell you i feel really great. No feeling of tiredness apetite los and all the side effects what gear usually brings. I will stay on these dosage for couple of weeks and slowly increase the dosages. I would realy like to see what would realy high dose of primo do to my body. I have a general feeling of wel being and i think this come from primo.

    Now for the progress:
    Weight is 224 pounds so not much change hier. I can tell i am less watery and fat and more round and harder. Offcourse it is still to early to say what is happening and it mostly now water loss and little fat loss with some fullness from gear, but i espect great change in meter of weeks. Next weeks i will take pictures again and then put down the 2 for comparisment, what changed in those 2 weeks.

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    off to a good start, if you can give us a little review of your progress every week. keep kicking ass

    primo is awesome btw, it is a not a shocker product like say tren ace which is beastly but primo is more of a overal quality improvement and feeling better inside and out. high dose primo is straight up amazing

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    Nice update erno

    Primo is the nutz, nice clean product
    How you finding the Anadrol ? been wanting to try this product

    Regards T

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    Hi Guys,

    First my appologies to a great Sponsor MTS and to all you guys waiting for more info about my prep.
    It has been a tough couple of weeks, lost a good friend to cancer. He was just 50 years old and a bodybuilder also, 2 years ago he was stil competing. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and the cancer litereally ate him up in 6 monts, last 2 weeks of his life he was just laying in bed. It was very sad to see a man who was once a big energetic guy turn into 120 pound plant. I hope he is at a better place now.
    And then last week a good female client of mine was also diagnosed with non hodgkins cancer stage 4. This all kind of kept me of the track to my comeback to competition. But stil i kept a pretty good 225 ponds even with subpar diet and use of "supplements by MTS" . I am amazed how i really feel good i mean without side effects on this cycle, and the gains are really quality gains not those shitty bloated gains. That also speaks about a quality of the produkts MTS delivers. Pretty sure that a high dose primo is also contributing to this.
    I will get my feelings and head straight from today and hopefully nothing serius happens from now on that i can kill it in the gym and with my prep. i Will make pictures next week and then put on what a couple of weeks with MTS did to me. I have to warn you the before pictures are really not in any way a reflection of what a bodybuilder should look

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    Ok and tis was taken 7 weeks after. let we say 5 full weeks of supplements and training. I think it is going the right way. Weight same but i guess i gained 6-8 pounds of muscle and lost the same amount of fat. The MTS gear is just start to kick in full power now so the changes wil be bigger and better. I guess i will increase the calories expecially carbs on training days just to maximise the muscle gain. Still have a long way till november so i want to weight around 235-240 with 10 % bodyfat before i start the cut i think in august. I noticed from last week also a big strengt gain. Squating again 450 for reps and 1300 leg press. Rowing movements also increased a lot. With push movement i have to be carefull because my shoulders are totally fucked as i already said.

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