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Thread: my orders to date

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    my orders to date

    I would like to thank MTS for the great service I have received over the past year
    all orders 100%
    top products and also throw in the odd freebie, like my last order, received an
    extra box of Test E

    with the daily deals and points system
    I don't think you can go wrong and is the only place I get my bits from

    Now I just need to get fucking BIG

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    I can second that mate. Been buying from MTS for about 8 or 9 months and everything is absolutely spot on. Totally appreciate the service these guys provide to enable us all to reach our goals. Not sure why anyone would go anywhere else!

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    i can say nothing but great things about MTS. For 2 months now I'm using there products and I have never been happier and more satisfied. Service is by far the best ever. I agree with BigBen why would anyone go somewehere else? Definitely doing my job by spreading the word everywhere. Got myself the free extra bottles of Test E and Tren as well.
    Life is great when you are using

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    same here , top service and gear . The BEST !

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    Received my order in 2 days with 3 free oils for doing a review on eroids site , once again brilliant service and unbelievable generosity, they definitely look after there customers , big thanks guys

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    Agreed mate
    Dont know of any other site/supplier to do what they do for there customers

    Please spread the word 😎

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