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Thread: Cycle advice

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    Cycle advice

    Cycle advice
    Got the below items in and more too follow my next cycle after may time

    30ml test e
    30ml Tren e
    40ml equimax

    Hoping to get some winny and t3

    Now my plan is to run something like this for 16 weeks

    1-5 andvar
    1-16 2ml test e
    1-12 2ml Tren e
    1-16 1ml eq
    11-16 winny

    Somewhere in there t3

    What do you fink any advice on the cycle

    Also am I better of running eq at 2ml which wil be a gram worried a bit about blood pressure on Tren and eq at the same time and obviously all Mts product

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    Eq minimum 800mg or 1g g2g

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    Do you think blood pressure could be an issuer running eq and Tren together

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    Test alone will raise your blood pressure mate

    You should always keep an eye on it, on any cycle

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