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Thread: MODAFINIL (200mg/50 tabs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumada View Post
    Bought some on my last order and wanted to use for a while prior to review as have used pharma grade previously with choline and oxiracetam. Normally rock but these didn't do anything for me unfortunately. MTS normally awesome. Could be me if guys are having results so bought some more original supply and great results again. I didn't chew, shouldn't need too.
    These modafinils require chewing. We are doing our best to work on the formula to allow for better absorption. Whilst trying to improve, possibly things change. I haven't taken mod for a while, so I'll use some tomorrow myself.

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    how is the new patch? I ordered in the past. Would like to get some if they are good to go like any other MTS products.

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