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Thread: Cycle Advice

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    Cycle Advice

    I ran the following cycle recently:

    Test 400 0.5ml EOD for 20 weeks
    Tren A 0.5ml EOD for 8 weeks
    Stanavar 1tab per day for 8 weeks

    I ran PCT for 4 weeks and my last injection was 2 months ago.

    Should I stay off for longer? Before I start another cycle?

    Thanks guys

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    Just bloodwork will tell you.

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    Think its time to blast again then mate 😎😊

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    Feel like I may need a longer break to let my body to recover......even though I am hating it so much!

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    Death is my PCT... Mate... don't do PCT, just cruise and blast for life!

    CRUISE ON: 300 TestE + 300 MastE or 350 Proviron
    BLAST ON: whatever you like.

    Verify RBC, LDL, HDL before starting a new blast.

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    New posting on here, but if you feel like you should stay off longer then maybe give it a week or two with clean eating etc good workouts that'll maybe make you feel a bit more like you're ready to start/plan your next cycle

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