I understand and agree:

<1> For all PAYMENT AND ORDER DISPUTES, you will immediately email for resolution. There will be immediate banning and public shaming if you choose to take alternative resolution paths without contacting us first. We will resolve all disputes within 24 hours.

<2> If paying via BITCOIN or WESTERN UNION, payment is to be made within 36 hours of receiving payment instructions.

<3> I have money available for immediate payment

<4> High Concentration products (> 300mg/ml) may cause PIP (POST INJECTION PAIN) to certain individuals

<5> STEALTH / HOT COUNTRIES orders are repackaged and do not look the same as standard vials displayed on product pages.

<6> Orders made on this site are private and not to be discussed on 3rd party forums, blogs or web sites.

If you cannot accept, then DO NOT ORDER