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Thread: NabbaNI & PCA Ireland 8 weeks out

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    NabbaNI & PCA Ireland 8 weeks out

    Hi all currently prepping for NabbaNI & PCA Ireland as the title says. Will be competing in the Novice class

    Stats ;
    Height 5.11
    Weight 16.10
    Age 26

    Training days calorie intake 2700
    Non Training days 2400

    Cardio - 10k steps a day tracked by fit bit.
    Training 5-6 days a week.

    Current Cycle ;

    TEST 750MG
    EQ 1000MG
    MENT 200-300MG
    T3 50MCG
    TREN ENTH 600-800MG

    Will be adding in tren ace and a few other bits & bobs in the following weeks lean bombs etc, All my gear is Med-Tech accept the t3.

    My facebook & IG is public so anybody wanting to see videos or pictures feel free to check them out

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    Great definition my friend
    That's some cycle, but if that's the results your getting
    Then why not

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    Thanks! Yeah I got told last year that I never took enough and it was actually by 2 mr universe winners so this year hit it quite hard. I miss alot of shots though lol. Dont really suffer much sides from the tren enth so could prob take 1g a week easy Looking forward to fast acting though that really gets me going

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    When is the show mate 😎

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    5 weeks on sat and 7 weeks on sat

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    Good luck mate

    Keep us posted 😎

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