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Thread: big thanks to MTS BIG N FULL IS TOP!!!

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    big thanks to MTS BIG N FULL IS TOP!!!

    big n full-Zero pip and the oil is smooth and freeflowing, and the results speak for themselves!

    PCT Started using some pct+ at 1 tablet a day and obviously it has a very good doseage of cialis in there as I was a walking hard on.... I LIKE
    Great results from this test 400, tren E ,tren A and EQ ,All my friends are happy with the products, and MTS can confirm that I bought about all products

    I would highly recommend this product as with all the MTS range, they are brilliant!

    ps MTS Anavar and BIO test propionate, doing a great job in the crossfit work!!

    thanks again!!!

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    thanks for the review, glad you like it, keep going!

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