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Thread: MTS Sponsored athletes

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    do you have any tshirts or vest tops for sale ,not tried your product yet but heard good things ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by james delaney View Post
    do you have any tshirts or vest tops for sale ,not tried your product yet but heard good things ,
    we will be giving free tshirts with orders starting very soon, so combine your 2 wishes and get a nice order going on and we will throw a good tshirt for you on top for FREE! you will love our products

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    I am still looking for MORE quality guys to sponsor, guys who understand marketing and promotion and who want to be sponsored by THE BEST: MTS

    be proactive, be energetic, be responsible and work hard, be outgoing and active on forums and good in promotion and we will take care of you more then fully!

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    I have been promoting mts on some forums with pics of products and start of cycle body pics , but as most forums are very clicky and alot of people like to shut you down

    I feel it will take time to get my foot in the door as such....

    Hoping the current cycle im on primo/test/pro mt200 will show good progress and i can update body pics

    A pic says a 1000 words

    Also I normally do pct....thats out the window for this year as i want to see what a blast and cruise cycle will do for me...sick of losing my gains on pct 😑

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    pics are very important, shows you walk the walk not just talk the talk. dont spam forums, we need quality reviews and real honest guys, people can easily feel the difference between spamming with a goal and really liking a company like ours. be active and be honest and make connections and promote and make pics and update threads, grow the circle of people

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    Thats the plan Godzilla

    Not spamming at all
    Just stating the truth in what gear i take
    Training...just started a jay cutler 8 week routine to change up my training

    And hopefully that will get me to a good size

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    Very nice to see this. I'm a very active atlete and like to be in your team!

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    Mts.deff.has a great small team of pro. Athletes and npc.guys,some beast on team mts.looking 4ward 2 seeing the progress.

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