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Thread: Drako88 Road on Stage LOG *MTS powered*

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad4it View Post
    Going up nicely mate
    Thank you !

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    21.03.2017 Chest day

    Gym was really crowded so i struggled to find a bench...

    Flat bench press: 5x reverse pyramid
    Incline bench press: 5x reverse pyramid
    Decline bench press: 5x reverse pyramid
    High cable flys: 3x 20
    Low cable flys: 3x 20

    My coach upped my cals again with another weight gainer shake. My stomach has to get used to the new amount of food. Thats why i felt a little bit bloated but it went aways at night.

    I put another order in with MTS to get the benefits of the 25% off coupon. Cant wait for my new products. Will review when i receive them.
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    22.03.2017 Back day

    Test and Deca start to kick in because my lifts are going up pretty fast. I also changed my meal timing to give my body more time to digest everything better.

    DB row: 5x reverse pyramid
    Lat pulldown: 5x reverse pyramid
    Cable rows: 5x reverse pyramid

    I skipped deads and did another exercise for my lower back.

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    Hey man! I'm in! Any competition plans soon? Or just bulking the rest of the year and get on stage in 2018? Didn't know mts had t-shirts, pretty cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daann01 View Post
    Hey man! I'm in! Any competition plans soon? Or just bulking the rest of the year and get on stage in 2018? Didn't know mts had t-shirts, pretty cool!
    I will continue to bulk in 2017 and see where i stand at the end of the year. I never had a good "offseason" because i always tried to cut down as low as possible and gained alot of unwanted weight right after i was done cutting. Thats why i got a coach to gain knowledge from.
    When i think that i am ready i will compete in April or September of 2018.

    Yeah, the shirts where on sale a couple years back and i was luck to get the blue and orange one.

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    23.03.2017 Shoulder day

    Today was nothing special, food went down better than the last couple days because i ate my breakfast an hour earlier than normal.

    Military press: 5 sets
    Side raises: 5 sets
    Front raises: 5 sets
    Shrugs: 3 sets
    Face pulls: 3 sets

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    keep kicking ass!

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    24.03.2017 Arm day

    Today i tried two scoops "Full as fuck" for my arm day. The pumps were out of this world combined with MTS DBOL .

    Single arm db curls: 4 sets
    Hammer curls: 4 sets
    Sz curls: 4 sets
    Cable curls: drop set
    Skull crushers: 4 sets
    Seated db overhead extensions: 4 sets
    Cable pulldown: 4 sets
    Cable pulldown: drop set

    I had a nice cheat meal on friday. First i got myself a pizza followed by greek frozen yoghurt with almonds and white nougat. After that i fell into a carb coma and slept for 12 hours. It was really refreshing.
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    This is my typical last meal of the day. I rotate my vegetables every so often. It is tasty and fills me up for the night.

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    Had the craziest back pumps after my back day. Couldnt even walk normal.
    MTS dbol + 10g citrullin are a very nice combo for arm or chest day but not for back day.

    I had anniversary dinner with my lady yesterday. She made epic food porn for us followed by a chocolate filled brownie.

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