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Thread: Drako88 Road on Stage LOG *MTS powered*

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    Everything went well the last week. Weight is going up slow but constant. Form is still pretty good for the amount of food i have to eat every day.

    I changed my breakfast to a shake meal because the amount of food was too much on some days. I just mix everything together in a blender and i tastes the same but digests faster.

    The weekly cheat meal was a pizza with double dough on the bottom. It tastes amazing but nothing compared to a big pint of Ben and Jerrys.

    I'm gonna watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 tonight with my lady and will get a burger or some sushi before that.

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    I attended the IFBB Austria newcomers competition this weekend. As expected there were over 15 physique competitors and only 2 bodybuilders over 80!! kg.
    It motivated me even more to give 100% to win my first step on stage. The bikini class on the other hand was really strong and nice to look at.
    The newly introduced wellness bikini class was just a joke. You can take every girl and just let her step on stage.

    The next comp. will be in September where my friend will have her first time on stage.

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    awesome updates man, pls keep them up! and the pizza looks badass, i bet the pumps were retarted the day after

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    Oh yes, pizza pumps are the best

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    I changed my training split so that i hit every bodypart twice a week. I think that i waste alot of energy when i only hit every part once a week.

    Monday & Thursday: Chest/Bi
    Tuesday & Friday: Back/Tri
    Wednesday&Saturday: Legs/Shoulders

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    Today i just didn't feel right. I was very sleepy the whole day and wasn't able to motivate myself to get shit done at work. I think that the increase in temperature caused it because i am really sensitive to warm weather.
    Nevertheless i went for my shoulder/legs workout anyway and it was a GREAT session. In the beginning everything felt heavy but it got better.
    After my workout i went shopping with my girl and treated myself to a double bbq cheeseburger with mexican steak fries. I was also really happy to finally find shorts that fit my quads.

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    Today i snapped new pics during my back and tri workout. Form is still decent.

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    My oral break is soon done. My first bulking oral wat dbol but i want to try something else for my next run. What do you recommend for pure tissue gain?

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