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Thread: Steroid Withdrawal

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    Steroid Withdrawal

    Hi all,
    I've been off Course now for around 2-3 weeks and believe I'm suffering from steroid withdrawal I have a constant pain/ache in both my legs, ass and lower back, I also feel tired all the time and extremely lazy. I'm normally always on my feet, energetic and far from lazy. I was wondering if anyone else has ever suffered any type of withdrawal from steroid use??
    ( I was running 1ml sus and 1ml decca for around 20 weeks and ran just 1ml of sis for an additional 1 week.)

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    Hi mate
    Are you now running a pct ?

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    Yes, I'm running the med-Tec PCT tablets along with tamoxifen which I've been taking for a while due to sore nipples. This is my 4th course and I've never had these pains before. However this is the first time I've ran a course for 21 weeks. I normally do 12-13 weeks

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    Never heard of these issues before
    But if your nipples are sore then matbe your estrogen is still high...that will make you feel low and like shit

    When i do a pct i do two pills a day with extra proviron two tabs also

    I always feel good off course running it that way.

    The Bio S proviron i find better and you get more for your money at 50 a box
    Maybe give that a try

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