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Thread: Anavar after test deca blast

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    Anavar after test deca blast

    Hi .49 yrs old.sef admin nebido trt of 500mg every 25 days for last 3 next blast is coming up in may.i dont do big blasts and havent done orals in yrs.
    Im thinking of adding anavar after a 10 wk test deca like this.
    Wk 1-10 x 1ml bign full..1ml deca300.
    Wk 7-14 x 50mgs anavar +trt dose

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    What do you want to achieve with these 7 weeks of orals after your blast? The gains will be minimal compared to your initial 10 weeks inject.

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    I thought if i use the anavar to lean out any size gained from test and deca?

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