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    Hi there, I'm turning 35 this year, gonna try my 1st cycle.. am from a tiny island in Asia (should be easy to guess), anyone else from the same shitty place?

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    Hi mate
    Welcome to the site

    you have found the best place for your needs

    what's your plan for your first cycle?

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    I'm about 80kg for 170cm, so I'm thinking of doing a bulking with test + deca for about 12 weeks before going on Sus for cut? Is this recommended?

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    That all depends on your diet
    Sus I don't believe is normally a cutting compound unless your diet is spot on mate
    also make sure you use an AI with your cycle

    It is recommended to only use test for your first cycle, but people will do what they want

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    Hahaha, i just gonna try out. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Got my items, prompt delivery. Will start tomorrow!

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    Good to hear mate

    Good luck and keep us updated

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    it might be just me.. or i've been injecting at the wrong spots.. my butt swells up and hurts like hell after my shots.. it's been the 3rd day after my last injection.. and it's not the 1st time.. I've done my research online and injected at proper spots but this still happens.

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    Virgin muscle. That is

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    your post reminded me of my first pin, couldn't sit properly hahah

    make sure you inject deep enough

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