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    hey there i have just stumbled across this site and would like to say hi .exuse me if i post in wrong area i slight dyslexic and find foruums a bit of a challenge,next i think it fkin brilliant that you have a place to post up scammers ,and also a auction and also rewards for purchases,so i be on here now and then thanks

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    Welcome James
    You have found a trusted company
    For your needs

    People are Friendly on here and helpfull
    Unlike most of these forums you come across

    I have been on alot lately and most just put you down and are not very helpfull

    Lots of changes happening to
    The forum with alot more info to be added that will be very helpfull to all

    Hope you enjoy

    Regards T

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    thanks mate think you are bang on right with what you say been on one certain forum and scared to offer advice cause you get roasted even if you right some one will always argue ,i give up in the end and come across this place and seems ok ,see how it goes ,cheers

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    You will be fine here my friend

    Whats your plans

    Diet ?

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    age 53 ,96kg ,height 6ft ,b/14.current cycle week 3 ,sustanon mon, wed, fri , 750week ,deca mon, fri ,250 x 2 so 500per week d/bol 50mg per day ,proviron 100mg per day ,ai on hand .first 2 weeks 100mg test propevery 3 rd day ,training routine .5 days week 1 body part per day ,mon chest ,tue legs,wed, back,thurs, shoulders. fri. arms .sat and sun optional legs .diet eat like fuck but no junk ,mainly white fish tuna chicken no red meat ,sweet pots, porridge, brown pasta ,flapjacks for treats ,not looking to compete just want get bit bigger stay fit,look good .easy way to explain how i am is i follow seth feroci , i do what i like in gym if its good thats it if i dont feel good fuck it ,i dont do it ,i try confuse my body every day .every 6 wekks i take 1 week of and do 2 full body workouts in that week ,just keep blood going .this is basically my life style ,nothing to seriouse ,been using gear for a year .this my 2nd cycle in a year but used on and of for 20 yers with a 7 year break,thats it man thats me lol.just like to point out that iam very very lucky ,i never get gyno or sides .acne oily skin yeah,dpends how goodthe gaer is ,i tyry use less has possible findmy sweet spot ,not take another pill to combat sides if i can help it.supps .creatine aminos .beta alanine pre workout .and 50mcg of igf-1lrf post workout
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    Sounds good fella
    Nice bulking cycle
    How you feeling with the added 100mg of proviron?
    I use 50 to 75mg a day and is def a good addition

    I would still always take an Ai though just to be safe

    But then again, you know your body mate

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    the proviron makes me feel good .and fuck like a rabbitt lol ,depends what gear i using as in wether i use and ai ,i have used ai before not saying i wouldnt again ,i very in tune with my body ,i get some free shit now and then so if i throw that in its not saying it as good quality has what i using at mo ,so my feelings go up and down , also diet ,i never eat shit ,i dont drink or smoke or do any drugs apart from gear,some times i just do 500 week instesd of 750 mbut i wont go no higher than that ,it the old saying with gear pin it and see ,but i must say though i would never do a cycle with out proviron ,think it underused underated ,but i love it ,but sides ,never have themreally lucky ,had really bad acne once and used som accutane .man it fucked me up bad ,never again,so think i more prone to sides off ai than test and deca .

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    You must be one of the lucky ones 😎

    Yeah the proviron i agree is great for the sex side of things...thats the reason i add it on and off cycle

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    hey! welcome aboard, i'm new here too.

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    hey man how ya doin,welcome

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