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Thread: Getting Ripped With MTS

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    Getting Ripped With MTS

    Hi Guys,
    I am one of MTS sponsored Athletes.
    All of us know that to look great is difficult, but to look ripped is HARD Work. To do it with only diet and training is almost impossible, a specially in environment that we are in to.
    Work, stress, no proper diet regime, not enough sleep- that alone can easily kill you, not to mention how it reduces the results that we expect to see after hard months of training.
    I am not talking about these few blessed people who are already at the top, and they go to the gym for a living. As well i'm not saying that you or i can not be one of them.
    But to achieve something in bodybuilding or fitness we all need a lot of supplements, and a specially us in our harsh true everyday life
    That's where MTS comes to rescue .
    For the past few years , every spring i have been doing a nice small cycle to get me ready for the beach, as i believe many of us do.
    And all the time i was using gear from MTS.
    So this year i would be sharing my experience with you all in this private blog or what we can call it. And we can grow in size and in heart (obviously i'm not really in to gaining weight but to be really ripped and to look aesthetic)
    Now i will chose some great products and let you know what is what.
    Any questions feel free to ask

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    Hi Mate

    sounds good, look forward to the progress updates

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    My first pick for the reference. Waiting for goods and keep you updated. Thanks mad4it , will post updates soon

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    thats what i'm talkin about, excellent physique, near to flawless!

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    Looking good dude
    Very good shape

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    Thank You guys,
    That means a lot to me.
    As everyone knows there is always space for improvement. So I hope after few weeks of good food,good gear and good training it will be even better, and better, and better Until BEAST mode
    will keep you updated when receive the goods

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    Hi guys , finally this week have received the goods as always they came in discreet packaging and all was 👍

    Started using, My favorite, Super Tren!!!
    P.s. do not use pre workout when using this powerful stuff as methyltrienolone will kick you hard after first shot
    And all day you feel energised.
    Second compound is med mutation .
    I know it not supposed to kick in instantly but I feel different from the first day
    I started to consume more calories so I hope to grow some muscle with it
    Then some Primabolan , and some test 400
    During cycle i always use about 1200mg/week of test so this some comes in handy saving me some holes from pins

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    Looks awesome. Good stuff

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    stage ready body, round and lean, superb

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    Two weeks in the cycle and the numbers look like that.

    1200Mg Test400 / a week
    453Mg Super Tren / a Week
    1350Mg Med Mutation / a week
    200Mg Primabolan / a week
    1Mg Cabaser / a week
    500UI Hcg / a day
    20Mg Tamoxifen / a day

    Now thinking to add extra masteron and more super tren
    and start orals , or do you thing i should wait with stanavar?

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