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Thread: Junior on the road to his next comp

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    Junior on the road to his next comp

    Hey guys!

    I decided to do my second competition this october! It'll be the atlas cup (netherlands).
    I'm still competing in the junior class and finding my way to the top!

    Current stats:

    Current cycle:
    Test 600mg ew
    Equipoise 750mg ew
    Trenbolone acetate 100mg eod
    Arimidex 1mg eod
    Anadrol 25mg ed

    Ofcourse I'm using mts! Best gear I've ever tried!
    I'm really happy with the equi-max and test400, it saves a lot of ml's!

    This cycle is really doing it's job!
    Unfortunatly a little bit of gyno is popping op, so I'm thinking about switching to parabolan or getting some proviron, what do you guys think?

    Currently leaning out a little bit, because I got a bit too fat. So it's more like a recomp at the moment

    I'm defenitly going to post pictures if you guys are interested! Does anybody know how you can upload pictures?

    Have a nice evening all of you!
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    Hey, Daan.
    Another refferal from me.

    Switch naar parabolan als je gyno opkomt.
    Take parabolan if gyno is flaring up. Works well with me.

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    Hey Daan!

    Another one i use to know in RL!

    Really curious what package you'll bring to the atlascup!
    Updating with pics is Always nice, i think MTS would like that also.

    Like kleine says if gyno flares up switch tren a for parabolan. Your cycle looks nice, but if you want more of a recomp cycle drop the anadrol and switch to an other oral like anavar, winstrol, epistane, lean bomb, turinabol or some mast, primo. Anadrol is a compound that can make you hold a lot of water.

    Good luck with your competition, we have to go and train together soon again

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    hey rick,

    I've ordered some parabolan so I hope that problem is solved! not sure about the dosage I'm going to use yet...
    about the anadrol, my coach told me I shouldn't drop it because it's really low dosed and it shouldn't aromatize that much.

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    trained chest today and had a good pump! I really like high intensity workouts to get a good pump! the oxy's really help as well because I take them 90mins pre workout!

    bench press:
    10x10x100kg (40sec rest)

    incline press:

    machine fly:

    incline plate loaded chest press:

    about my current recomp diet:

    85gr oats
    40gr whey (spc)
    1 banana
    10gr almonds

    meal 1:
    75gr brown rice
    175gr chicken
    150gr veggies

    meal 2:
    75gr brown rice
    175gr chicken
    150gr veggies

    meal 3:
    250gr potatoes
    175gr steak
    150gr veggies

    meal 4:
    250gr potatoes
    175gr steak

    pre/post workout meal:
    65gr oats
    40gr whey (spc)

    bedtime meal:
    40gr whey (spc)
    1 apple

    and here's a picture of me about 2/3 weeks post contest last december

    and a picture of my current shape, I have to lose some fat to be able to build properly again (105kg in this picture`)

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    Good size man

    Sure it wont take to long to shift that little bit of weight dude

    Good diet layout too 😎😎

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    Thanks man! Trying to keep it tight again!

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    Diet is my downfull

    Have good gear
    Good training/ on a jay cutler routine at the min and loving it
    Sleep at least 9 hours a day
    No drinking

    So just diet to sort..realy got to knuckle down and sort this and stop being a weak ass pussy 😆

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    Had a great leg workout!
    And I"ll upload a squatting video (5x220kg), it's from a few weeks ago.


    Legpress (wide stand)

    Stiff legg deadlifts (dumbell)

    Leg curl

    Leg extension

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    Good form in the video! Legs are definitely not your weakpoint Keep killing it.

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