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Thread: THE_COACH is coaching me-Accountability post

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    THE_COACH is coaching me-Accountability post

    Okay so I hired THE_COACH to coach me. he has made me a diet protocol and a hormone protocol. I am just on 300 mg/w test enth right now and that is it.

    We are trying to strip this fat off of me then rebuild me.

    Oh man here we go

    My log

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    well done and you will see huge changes with our coach. he takes his time to really see what you need so have trust and give it time and you will be a new person!

    keep this log alive, we all want to follow your journey

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    Hoping that life smiles on me for once

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post

    Hoping that life smiles on me for once
    you are in good hands

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    You hired a coach Powert! Good good choice! Listen to him and post photos I think you will improve greatly.

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    I'm going gluten free for the while, been gluten free for a few days and seemingly bowels are picking up which is interesting

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    MEAL 1:

    Oats - 120g

    Toast - 2 slices

    Eggs - 4 whole eggs

    MEAL 2:

    Chicken Mince - 200g

    Pasta - 150g

    Spinach on the side

    MEAL 3:

    2 scoops whey protein - 50g

    MEAL 4:

    Lean Beef Mince - 200g

    White Rice - 1.5 cups

    Spinach in the side

    MEAL 5:

    2 scoops whey protein - 50g

    MEAL 6:

    Chicken Mince - 200g

    Pasta - 150g

    2 apples

    Due to bowel damage, I have opted to chose gluten free pasta and bread as well as a blend of pea+hemp protein instead of whey, which still has a good complete amino acid profile and we get some extra fibre in there too.

    My routine is:

    Day 1:

    -Leg press 5x12

    -Close grip bench 4x8

    -Close grip cable rows(focus on squeeze) 5x12

    -paused dumbell fly 4x12

    -Dumbell shrug 3x15(focus on squeeze)


    -Chest press machine 3x15

    -Lat pull down or assisted pull ups 5x12

    - Leg extension 5x12(last 2 sets paused at top)

    -hammer curl 4x12

    -barbell curl 5x10

    -dumbbell skull crushers 4x10

    -Rope pushdown 5x15


    -Hamstring curl 5x15(paused at top)

    -Adductor machine 4x30

    -one leg leg press, 4x12 (4 second descent, for time under tension)

    -incline dumbbell bench 4x10

    -side lateral raise 5x12

    -Standing calf raise 8x20

    -Seated calf raise 8x10


    -Barbell row 3x12

    -shoulder press 4x8

    -Facepull 4x20

    -Ab wheel 5x15

    -Dumbell curl 4x12

    THE_COACH did not send me this routine rather it is one I produced myself. I opted to stay away from squats and deadlifts although I love them due to the injury potential atm due to low muscle tissue in the posterior chain+ my back injuries; I have out of place spine segments so any compression forces etc could really screw me up right now.

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    With Powertard I realised the bulk of his problems are largely psychological. Thus in scheduling things with him my concern was finding something he could stick to. I gave him 2 free cheats a week for reprieve, but compressed to a certain time frame. Outside of that, I intend to create a system of routine/habit for him to help with consistency.

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    ^indeed, Coach has even thought so far out side the box as to have me on minced meats rather than breasts/steaks etc so it is easier for me to weigh out and stuff as he caught onto my OCD tendencies

    Pretty much/all my issues in my life are caused by my psychological problems...well not so much that but the fact I am manipulated by the people around me into self destructing lol

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