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Thread: Test Prop Tren A Cycle

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    Test Prop Tren A Cycle

    Using MTS test prop and tren a, 1ml of both eod. Bought direct form the site
    Loving the cycle so far. PIP isn't bad at all which is rare for a cycle with short esters, all the right sides showing its legit stuff. Night sweats, vivid dreams and gains in strength and libido

    Oil is smooth and clean, packaged nicely too.
    Like I said I am loving the cycle and will be sticking with MTS now!

    Keen to try the lean xtreme next - looks a tasty little mix that!!

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    excellent and keep us updated on the cycle, if you can upload some pics (no face) to tinypic and post them in your thread here

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    Been on this cycle for a little over 2 and a half weeks, loving the feeling of it! Last cutting cycle was a bit of a nightmare with PIP (wasn't using MTS oils) so this is a lot easier with hardly any PIP from the MTS stuff, cutting now so not really going by the scales although these pics are me at 186lbs fresh off of my bulk. Will post more on this thread as I start to lean down more and more.

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    About 5 weeks in to the cut now, switched up from test prop and then a to the lean xtreme which i have to say I'm absolutely loving, was expecting to have some mental PIP as there are a lot of compounds crammed in to 1ml but its absolutely fine! getting leaner as you'd expect on a cut aha but strength isn't decreasing and the scales aren't moving down TOO much which is great considering I'm feeling a lot leaner! progress pics below!

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    watch out for gyno ( on your last pic)

    defo alot leaner yes!

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    Yeah bro I've got some aromas in on hand and some letro incase it really flares up!

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    from your last pic I would get on the letro mate asap

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    Leaning out good. Abs and obliques coming in.

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    looking awesome, girls must be drooling all day

  10. #10 more week in to the cut - weight is dropping exactly how I want it to! Getting comments about my veins popping and stuff which is always nice! Might decrease the calories this week but I'll see how I look and feel considering I am still happy with the progress I am making! also there is no 'reason' for me to cut like I'm not competing or anything so theres no need to be making myself feel tired and lethargic if I'm happy with my progress.
    Using Lean Extreme x1ml eod and loving it!
    Update pictures below. Also added in some letro to keep the gyno down as a few of you mentioned in the last pics. Also sorry these aren't the best update pictures, i travel a lot with work so split between a few gyms which makes getting consistent pictures difficult!

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