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Thread: Holiday coming up - PCT or Cruise?

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    Holiday coming up - PCT or Cruise?

    Hi guys.
    So for starters I'm still relatively new to the gear scene.

    Currently on my 3rd cycle which is:
    12 weeks Test 400 @ 400mg/wk
    10 weeks Tren (total)
    - 4 weeks Duo Tren blend total 300mg-400mg/wk (taper)
    - 6 weeks Tren E @ 400mg/wk

    I originally planned to make it so it finishes in time for some expos I'm attending mid May. So I have a solid month for PCT before I head off to my 3 weeks long holiday in Thailand to see relatives and family.

    I have my 4th cycle planned and i want to do this after I come back... It makes more sense to do this over the Summer instead of September (originally planned) so i was thinking to cruise at 150mg or 300mg/wk of just Test during the entire time of May and June and Frontload 900mg of Test E before my flight out to Thailand. The problem with this is I will be 3 weeks without the ability to inject myself. So I want opinions of my front loading idea instead.

    The 4th cycle I planned is 15 weeks long (I wanted to Tren a break. It's been in my last 2 cycles):
    Test 400 @ 800mg/wk
    EQ @ 1.4g/wk (MTS' blends make it this high)
    Primo @ 600mg/wk (10 weeks because this is pretty expensive)
    Adex if required (First time going over 1g on something never needed an AI in all my cycles so far)

    I do have the required PCT to run both as individual cycles but from a gains perspective this isn't very efficient nor that healthy putting all these chemicals to restore natty tests only to shut it down within 2 months.. Hence why I thought of my front load before holiday idea. Don't want to risk carrying test and some needles with me as well as I'd doubt I'd be able to get it as easily as people say it is in Thailand. My cousins didn't know what Clen even was as well when I asked last year... I'm probably the only drug user in the entire family haha.

    On another note Tren does wonders for me. Only negatives: Night sweats, more crazy dreams, thirsty as F all the time and joints feel odd. I normally have Insomnia (probably caused from my first cycle at 16 without proper PCT) but with Tren I can actually sleep properly at normal ish hours and I legit feel tired at 12am rather than waiting for 6am to come before i can sleep then wake up at 9am to go to work...
    Absolutely amazing compound. I thank my friend for making me add it to my 2nd ever cycle. I lose A LOT LESS hair from Tren than Stanozolol or Masteron as well.

    Anyways decided to see what other steroids could provide. So I decided on EQ so I can clean bulk with Tren's vascularity. Primo for Tren's hardness. But these compounds I read are pretty mild... So I hope to see decent results... if not I guess I could always just run Tren again for the 5th cycle and all other future cycles.

    But yeah ULTIMATELY what i want to ask is:
    Shall I?
    Test E Front Load 900mg before holiday.
    Then 3 weeks later when I come back, continue as normal.


    Perform PCT as originally planned to be insync for the Holiday.
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    The choice between PCT or a cruise should be made based on long-term goals. Do you see yourself continuously running cycles for the next 1, 3, 5 or even 10+ years? We cruise for stable bloods; like you've mentioned yourself it isn't the healthiest thing to PCT, then jump on another cycle 2 months later bringing your hormones on a wild roller coaster. Make the decision based on whether you're doing this as a consistent and sustainable lifestyle, or if you're a junkie running a couple of cycles to get ready for the summer.
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    I like your answer Coach! Thanks for that.
    I mean the worst case is i'd be slightly low on test for maximum 3 day or so towards the end of the holiday, which certainly isn't the end of the world.
    I can definitely see myself using gear for many years to come. It's really until I have a higher priority commitments such a future wife who wants children or when I unavoidably reach 45+ and can expect to have high blood pressure issues like my father and his father. That's still decades away but I'll just have to wait and see.

    Sometime down the line I will consider booking some coaching from you good sir.
    Oh and just to add another question.
    Let's say I cruise this one or two and decide to come off around the end of 2017. How difficult with the recovery phase be for PCT? I would a standard protocol of 4 weeks Nolva and Clomid be sufficient? Do will I need a more aggressive approach?

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    It's very individualised, your question. There are freaks of nature out there who can blast for years on end then go cold turkey and somehow their balls start producing again after some months on their own. Then there are guys who get shut down so hard after a 16 week cycle it takes crazy amounts of HCG and more to even get them somewhere after that. It's a case by case basis kinda thing.

    I'd say if you choose to blast and cruise, you're on until you're off for good. Blasting (then cruising) for a year or a year and a half then coming off to PCT before going back on a few months later is really just a cheap excuse to justify the extending of a cycle. If you're on, you're on until you're done (other priorities in life take over).

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