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Thread: 7 wks out

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    No changes to diet. Took your advice and stuck with tren 3 days a wk. Did T3 (without clen) for a wk and lost 4 pounds in 7 days (30 min cardio ED) so now I'm doing just clen. I think I'll lost muscle if I do both so you were right. Down to 174. Thanks
    No worries. It's tempting to try and hit the fat from multiple angles but it's easy to overdo it. I ruined my second show with too much T3, Eph & tren.

    Sorry to see you have pulled out but family comes first of course.

    Looking forward to your nationals prep!


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    Thanks was tempting. I normally try to maintain losing 2lbs per week so losing 4 lbs was a sign.

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