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Thread: EarlyBirdy's Review: Med Mutasion. Methyltren

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    EarlyBirdy's Review: Med Mutasion. Methyltren

    Hi guys,

    I'll be posting alot of reviews from MTS products and some serious fun cycles.
    This time the review is about Methyltren

    Feel free to ask any questions!

    I wasn't really expecting that much .. but damn.. this is some heavy compound.
    Be sure not to run this too long because it's hard on the liver.

    Ran 1 mg e.d. and after my first shot I had a tunnelvision training for 2/3 hours.

    Strength went from 3 rep max to 8 rep max, insane pump and alot of veins.

    After day 10 I got VERY lethargic, added some t3 (25mcg) and I was good to go again

    Heavy compound, don't use it too long, great for strength gains!


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    I used this stuff for 10 Days in a row. Get the same results - more power and focus in training after a week i get very lethargic and wake up very often at night.

    Great Product.

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