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Thread: Compound of The Week: Trestolone Acetate/MENT

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    Compound of The Week: Trestolone Acetate/MENT

    This week's featured compound in our new series: Trestolone Acetate aka MENT

    A relatively new compound that has seen a rapid surge in popularity in recent years, Trestolone Acetate (MENT) is so highly raved about where some have even made the bold statement of MENT being the superior successor to Tren. MENT's high anabolic androgenic (AA) scale rating puts it at roughly 10 times more potent than Testosterone, the basis of the scale. However, MENT aromatises at a much slower rate thus allowing users to enjoy greater benefits mg for mg whilst having to put up with less estrogenic sides. However, that is not to say that MENT does not aromatise at all, and an aromatise inhibitor (AI) should still be kept on hand to prevent levels from spiraling out of control.

    While clinical trials initially poised MENT to potentially be an alternative form of male contraceptive, the compound has also been touted to be the next big thing in androgenic replacement therapy. Its effect on limiting muscle wastage carries forward to the world of performance enhancing in sports.

    MENT users generally experience a similar dry and hard look commonly associated with Tren. However, MENT brings a new level of fullness that tends to become lost when dieting to extremely low levels of body fat on Tren. When used together, MENT and Tren complement each other and bring out a new level of synergy. Bloat is not an issue if the user starts off his MENT cycle lean enough, and takes the appropriate measures for estrogen control.

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    Started Trestolone last week with 25mg ED and Exemestand 25mg ED - hope this stuff rocks. I read in a few US Boards trestolone can reduce Tren Side Effects when anybody use this two compounds at the same Time, anybody have this effect too ?

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