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Thread: Best Lab i tested in the last 6 Years!!!

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    Best Lab i tested in the last 6 Years!!!

    Good Day,

    i am an Admin of a Bodybuilding, Competition Bodybuilding and Fitness Board in Germany, Austria an Switzerland.
    I have ordered many times from MTS and the Service ist the best you can find in the Net.

    Communication 5/5 Points
    All my questions get reply in 24h - the Stuff team will help you with any questions you have.

    Service 5/5 Points
    All Top - many Payment Options, very good Shop System and many Voucher Codes and Free Stuff!

    Packaging 4/5 Points
    Stable, clean and very fast - UK to Germany it takes 2-3 Days in max.

    Gear Quality 5/5 Points

    The Oil is clear, no particles or something. oil is very smooth and thin i use G25 needles for inject of every oil. No PIP

    I ordered the following Stuff from MTS:

    - Testosteron E 250
    - Testosteron 400
    - Testosteron P 100
    - Trestolone (Ment)
    - Boldenon 500mg Equi-Max (Best Boldenon on the Market)
    - Trenbolone A

    At the next time i will Test some Anavar too.

    I've you have any questions please reply and ask.

    I will make a extra review for every stuff in the next weeks.

    Sorry for my bad english

    I hope MTS will be stable for the next years.
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