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Thread: Back Acne

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    Back Acne

    Hi all

    Currently running 2ml big n full, however I have been getting acne on my shoulders and back the past month or so, I have been using a benyzol peroxide soap twice daily, showering twice, taking a cycle assist supplement, vitamins and tanning twice weekly.

    This is helping however once they seem to fade they seem to come back. I am also running arimidex (0.5 eod) to keep estrogen in control and also am running tamoxifen 10mg eod to keep my balls good.

    Any advice??

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    but it can come with some nasty sides

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    I realise this is an older thread but if theres a chance my info could help others:

    Nizoral shampoo, used as a lotion for acute relief and improvement.

    NAC (1200mg /d) for ongoing relief.

    These are the 2 best products Ive used.

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    Acne is now nearly nine existent using the methods:

    Shower 2-3 times daily using anti bacterial soap
    Use benzoyl peroxide 10 cream twice daily
    Lots of water
    Tanning twice a week

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    I have tried many anti bacterial soap but they doesn't work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cathyharris View Post
    I have tried many anti bacterial soap but they doesn't work.
    acne is usually a consequence of unregulated up and downs in hormones, high estrogen as well. check blood for these and you will solve the root of the problem

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