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Thread: MTS Trestolone 25mg ED / 1g Equi-Max per Week

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    MTS Trestolone 25mg ED / 1g Equi-Max per Week

    Good Day,

    here is a little review about MTS Trestolone and Equi-Max (Boldenone).

    Weight: Start 117kg now after 8 Weeks 108kg
    Protocol : Diet / Carb Back Loading
    Calories : 1800 Non Training Days / 2200 on Training Days
    Training : 5 Days per Week - Chest/Legs/Shoulders/Back/Arms

    I'm on week 8 on Equi-Max 1g per Week / two Shoots per Week (and 200mg Testosteron P)

    - no PIP
    - first two weeks some headaches, red flushed Faces
    - no hunger increase at the moment
    - veins popped out :-)

    Last week i took the Testosteron out an take 25mg MTS Trestolone every day, i had no side effects
    at the moment, no water problems. PUMP @gym is insane...

    I will update my experience in the next few weeks here in this Log.

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    Weight drops down to 106kg - muscle building effect of trestolone is low but fat burning effect ist very good.
    I think my calorie deficit is too high at the moment to build muscles . No problem with estradiol.

    ramped up dosage to 50mg Trest ED. No side effects.

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    keep us updated, very good stuff

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