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Thread: Mts Contest prep cycle review

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    Mts Contest prep cycle review

    Hi guys,

    Wonna give a review on THE Mts products ive used on my contest prep couple months ago.
    So these compounds where used

    Wk 1-10
    Eq max
    Test e
    Bulk bomb wk1-4

    Wk 11-20
    Test p
    masteron p
    halo/primo mix wk 18-20

    So started my prep with a bulkingfase, ofcourse calories where hi, About 500kcal above mainense. But kept THE food super clean.
    Kickstarted with THE oral " bulkbomb" with compounds i guess is a mix of oxy/d-bol/anadrol.
    the oral kicked in within a couple days. My Body right became way fuller. with these compounds keep Your food clean otherwise you look like a Waterbuffalo. Keep with this compound a AI on hand.
    In THE weeks after, strength went thro THE roof, and THE scale went up.
    After week 6 i noticed THE EQ realty kicked in.
    I even increased my calories during THE weeks.
    within week 6 i got leaner and my Delts really starting to pop and more striations in Delts and chest.

    Last 10 weeks i started my cutting fase.

    In THE cutting fase i lowered my calorie intake a bit, and added Some cardio.
    (In THE offseason i dont get above 11%BF )
    THE supertren is THE real deal. Never had that kind of feeling and look. (Full,dry,hard even on Some lowcarb days)
    On the other Side i had Some sides, but you wil always get Some on TREN.
    On First injection i got THE so calt TREN cough haha,I got Some night sweats, and i was Horny Af.
    THE TREN i kept on 1ml eod THE First weeks and tappende up to 1.5ml/eod
    THE masteron i started at 400mg/week and tappered up to 800 Mg/week.
    THE Test p i kept iT around 400mg/week and cutted complete out 10days out.
    Last 2weeks i made a transformation when i started THE halo/primo
    Within 2days my muscles became hard as a rock. Forget winstrol and anavar, this compound gave me a granite look, No waterretension, muscles where full, dry, hard and striations and vains everywhere.
    Wen i was training at THE gym, people where looking at me like i came from another planet haha,this compound was for me a real game changer.

    IT was THE First time i used all compounds from MTS.
    I can say i Am very amazed, and i only Will Use mts products in THE future!

    Keep up THE good work guys !!!
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