I purchased Modafinil as I was looking for a break from a sustained period of very low physical energy and mental burnout.
I wasn't really looking for a long term solution as I knew what i needed to rectify the situation (good quality sleep) but wanted a clean pick me up as I still wanted to train with intensity and generally get stuff done!

My predicament had come about as a result of having a( 20 month old daughter) work & relationship stress! I was simply not getting enough sleep and what I did get was interrupted. Waking early & several times a night with no opportunity to nap in the day. Like DR. Dre says, my condition was..... chronic!

I chewed 1 tab first thing in the morning 6amish.

As we all know the taste is very bitter and strong. I simply chewed like a maniac and swilled my mouth immediately with fruit juice,job done!
Within the hour despite effectively being on my arse mentally, I became significantly more alert as the drugs clean energy started to work into my system and I was happy to leave the house.

This initial effect became more subtle as I went about my day. At work I noticed that reading emails and general decision making were far more efficient. No staring through the computer screen or cloudy thoughts. No jitters or anxiety, just clear thinking.

Physically I still felt washed out but as I put a couple of meals in me I found a nice balance of energy which lasted several hours.

Later that afternoon as I dragged myself to the gym for a High intensity/low volume back workout, I was focused on getting the job done as always but when I actually began to train WOW!!! Every set I was able to focus and completely shut the world out. I felt unstoppable and no amount of quality passing ass would have gotten my attention I think the term beast mode is over used but this was definitely BEAST MODAFINIL.

Pretty much in shock as I returned home, surely enough the affects were waining and I started to feel much the same as I had been of late.
There was an unfortunate side effect for me later that evening as although the affects were not noticeable I still couldn't sleep until 2am despite being alone at the time with no noise/distractions, so the drug was very active for around 20hrs or so. Eyes did not want to stay shut!

I have read that some users take 2 split doses a day AM PM (up to 400mg) so I have to believe that just like any other stimulant, the affects are very individual for better or worse.
With that said, I would recommend this for casual use on days when you really need something to pull you through rather than as an alternative to daily caffeine consumption. People who are not so chronically fatigued may find it useful several times a week.

I will be trying again in the near future as I have established a more stable sleeping pattern/home life and am interested in how I will react when I am operating more normally. I will of course review at this time.

I hope this sheds a little light on it's use.