Last summer I was running 300 test-e along with 300 mast-e twice a week a friend got me from MTS

It gave me some good gains and looks. Veins all over my body and had me comfortably sitting at 100 kgs @ 10% bodyfat coming from 92 @ 8-9%.

Stories about how it feels and looks actually don't mean shit to me because I have a scientific background I'd rather see test results. Since you can't measure masterone in bloodwork I will not discuss that any further.

This is my bloodwork I have had done during the cycle, blood taken 1 day after administration of 300 test-e and 300 mast-e. In week 6 of the cycle so the maximum level is achieved.

E2 258 pmol/l 40 - 162
tT 115.8 nmol/l 9,0 - 37,3
SHBG 11 nmol/l 14 - 71
fT 4630 pmol/l 100 - 1290

In literature you can find that 1 injection of 125 mg of testosterone enanthate will result in a serum tT (total testosterone) of approximately 25 nmol/l 1 day after injection. For the injection of 300 mg of twice a week, taking the halflife and the build-up in account, the result should've been just about 4,5-5 times that 25 nmol/l.

And it did (4.62), so I am convinced it was legit batch and happy to try it again. So I ordered some more last week to get back on that testosterone horse after having been off for 8 months due to an injury.

I've been sitting on these results since september. Lab test is also on it's way for both the testosterone and the masterone, but it will probably take another 6 months since I've submitted it through a researcher.