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Thread: 1 day out

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    1 day out

    pics are one day out from my last comp, 14-16 hrs before prejudging. I know a few of my weaknesses are quad sweep, hams, bigger calves and thicker back plus conditioning could be better. overall more
    asking for feedback if looking at pics is what you had to work with, what would you do having 14-16 hrs to improve? not change anything and coast to prejudging? do I look flat? what would you eat to fill out? try to lose more water to get tighter? appreciate your feedback.

    after you leave feedback not before click link to see if you can tell a difference in physique besides the added tan/oil and stage lights. is conditioning the same, look fuller or the same? appreciate the feedback.

    * and yes MTS products were used for this prep.

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    I think the smartest thing any competitor can do, is to be ready for show day 2 weeks early. This gives you an opportunity to mimic certain aspects of the run into the big day.
    It's hard to advise on what foods to eat to increase fullness, as you may react badly. I would say keep things consistent, so if you have been eating white rice, white potatoes or rice cakes to carb up, then I would only use these if you choose to add more. You could be fuller in your pics but it's a risk at this point. Small amounts and then assess every 2 hrs would be my advice.

    If you choose to drop water further then this may interfere with any carbs you choose to add in here. The trouble is you can control the carb intake but if for example using a pharma diueretic, you can only guess how much water will be eliminated.

    There is a greater chance for anyone of looking worse rather than better 14-16hrs out, even if you know your body pretty well

    You do look fuller/better in the stage shots but could be sharper. It would be good to see some stage shots from the back


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    JP, really appreciate your feedback. I'll post stage shots from the back

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    I need more practice on posing also. Didn't hit those poses at my best. Need to spread lats more

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    Looking great dude
    With the front poses, you look awsome
    Tight waist
    Good chest
    Lats and traps pop out real nice

    Could only dream of getting to this shape
    But god loves a trier 😉

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    mad4it, appreciate your feedback. You're to kind. Keep grinding, results will come just be consistent with eating habits training and gear. I put them in that order for a reason. Eating was the hardest part for me when I first started. I loved working out but didn't put 100% effort in eating but that all changed when I got into competing.

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    Looked great fella. Would be very happy myself to step on stage looking this good.

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    thewrongadvices, thanks
    Great board name...👍🏾

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