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Thread: NABBA first timers contest

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    NABBA first timers contest

    I'm two weeks out from my first contest. Getting ready for my first show has been a great experience so far, looking forward to doing the best I can on the day!

    Hormones at 4 weeks out:
    50mg tren ace
    50mg mast prop
    50mg test prop

    At 2 weeks out, trying to tighten up condition:
    50mg tren ace
    50mg mast prop
    50mg anadrol
    50mg winstrol

    Some have told me these are low doses? It's all I have needed with MTS being strong stuff. I'll keep the updates coming and post some pictures when I figure out how to do it on here (and advices anyone?)

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    3 days into winstrol, wow this stuff is already improving my condition.

    How do I post pics here?

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    Hi mate
    Use and upload then copy the forum link on it and paste on here

    Never tried winstrol...its on my to try list

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    Thanks, now I can get some pics up!

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    Loving mts winstrol. The tight pumps and vascularity in the gym are crazy.

    Quick snap from today, under 2 weeks out now.

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    Delts looking round, abs coming in and your waist is tight. Good job bro..what's your waist 27/28 inch?

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    Waist is about 30 inch.

    Delts always get extra pop on tren!
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    Oh the pain of getting my body waxed! Nice to be rid of all the hair though ready for the comp.

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