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Thread: Blowing up from lean

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    After 1 week on test400 and mast e, my weight had gone up 4kg. Here's a pic after 1 week, fuller but still tight.

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    Workout split at the moment:

    Saturday, back/rear delts/traps/abs
    Sunday, chest/side and front delts
    Monday, legs
    Tuesday, cardio
    Wednesday, arms
    Thursday, legs
    Friday, cardio

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    awesome looking!

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    After 2 weeks I can't get enough of this test400 and mast e stack. Feeling great, training going great, eating lots but not putting on bad weight.

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    looking better and better each week man, excellent!

    tell us more how you feel on the products, any PIP, pumps while training, muscle gains etc

    keep it up!

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    I'm pinning 1ml test400 with 1ml mast e, twice a week, into ventro glutes. Not experiencing any pip or lumps, using a 1" pin. Really impressed given the concentration of the test.

    Mentally I feel really positive but calm. Pumps in the gym are awesome, almost like when using a pre workout oral. But I look super veiny when pumped which is something good masteron does to me.

    Strength and mass climbing all the time. My morning weight is now 85kg (6kg up in 3 weeks) but still have good condition considering the extra calories I'm putting away. Couldn't be happier with how this blast is going so far.

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    This week I started running aromasin at 12.5mg twice a week. Will see how it goes but I think this will be enough for me on this stack.

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