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Thread: time to get serious!

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    Pictures coming early next week!
    pictures of my shape before my first cycle
    pictures of after the first cycle
    and pictures from now

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    took this picture this morning, cruise has begun, 5 weeks before the next blast

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    Yesterday legday...don't know what happened but after my warm up, my quads were fully pumped, they were hurting so much each set of squats.
    I never start my legday off with squats, I always end my legworkouts with squats, but you guessed it, yesterday was the other way around (maybe that caused the painful pump after my warm up)

    stretch for lower back and hipflexors
    bodyweight squats 1x30
    Empty bar squats 4x20 supersetted with legpress 60kg 4x20

    60kg 1x20
    80kg 1x15
    100kg 1x15
    120kg 1x10
    (by now i couldn't even stand up straight anymore, i even had trouble with the last 2 reps when i normally do 160kg for 6)
    140kg 3x5

    lying legcurl:
    36kg x15
    45kg x15
    53kg X12
    59kg x10
    64kg x9
    69kg x7 + 41kg x7 + 27kg x11

    leg extensions: (pump was unreal, cramps everywhere)
    27kg x13
    36kg x12
    50kg x9
    70kg x7
    36kg 3x15

    Plate loaded legpress: (nearly all plates were occupied)
    75kg x20
    150kg x15
    235kg x10
    295kg x10
    350kg 3x8

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    legs have always been my weakest bodypart...but they are coming in nicely though!

    except them calves...fuck calves man
    I've been begging them to grow for years now, only added a mere 5 cm in 4 years

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    Started the cruise on 200mg test E a week, just a week ago.
    Sadly I fell sick 6 days ago so I can't tell if i'm losing any fullness

    Only got 1 gymsession in these past few days because of the lack of food, but i'm getting my appetite back since yesterday so time to get my ass back on track.

    My next post is gonna be a throwback to my last show, the 2016 Ironman where i won the junior class.

    btw...4 more weeks until next blast...this time it's all MTS ftw!! can't wait

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    Like I said, here's a pic from my shape at the ironman, where I took 1st place in the junior class.

    the show took place on 6 november 2016, since then I've been improving my shape alot, keep following the log for more updates.

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    Done being sick!

    Took a look at my macros and decided to make some adjustments:


    P: 395
    F: 161
    C: 523
    Sodium: 13,8

    KCAL: 5141

    I probably wont get this much in everyday, but atleast 5 days out of 7

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    Gonna post some new pics soon.

    Update: 1,5 weeks still left of the cruise
    soooo 1,5 weeks left before the next blast starts

    update: did squats yesterday and completely blew myself away, 180kg x 6!!! new max, proud and sore

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    next blast is starting this monday!

    exciting right?! First time trying parabolan and bulkbomb.
    Expect weekly picture and weight updates

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