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Thread: time to get serious!

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    it all start again tomorrow!

    starting tomorrow:

    Bulkbomb 100mg ed
    Parabolan 1,5ml/2x week
    Big n full 1ml/2x week

    arimidex offcoure (every 3 days)
    and mk677 30mg ed

    AND i've got bpc157 here, planning to start injecting it in both my knees because they frequently bother me.

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    Woke up today at 89,4kg

    took a tab of bulkbomb and ate 400g steak + 150g Ultra fine oats + 75 whey.

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    weight atm is 90,4kg and getting leaner and bigger!

    i'm now on my second week of this full mts powered blast and i'm feeling great on this gear. the only thing slowing me down is the heath, it's like 30°C everyday, it's killing me man.

    anyway, here are some new pictures

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