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Thread: Update on stack

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    Update on stack

    Currently doing tren ace, mast, prop at 100mg EOD. No eq, t3 or clen for now. Liking what I'm seeing in my physique so I will adjust weekly if necessary. Currently sitting at 169lbs so adding clen or t3 might have me losing muscle on the calories I'm consuming. Trying to stay tight. Had a high carb day over the weekend and had a crazy pump the next day. Pinned tren, mast and prop the day before. The high carbs really helped. Still doing 30 min cardio daily and back to eating clean but will have a cheat meal if necessary.
    One of my cheat meals. Spicy beef was tasty!

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    Video clip from workout. That pump!
    View My Video

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    I really can't imagine that you 'only' weigh 169lbs, you look like 200lbs, at least

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    Thanks, I'm only 5ft 5 in (on a good day) 😀bodybuilding is all about illusions

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