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Thread: Cutting cycle help

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    Cutting cycle help

    Planning on running lean gain extra for 12 weeks around 450mg/ wk with clen two weeks on/ two off, t3, 4-6 wks of a var, and pct+ for pct. I have done previous cycles of test 400/ EQ; tren; deca/ anadrol. Haven't run anything in about 10 years though. I've never had any issues with sides other than some water retention and never run any kind of pct. I'm currently 34 y/o, 6'1", 250lbs @16%bf. I'm looking to get down below 10%bf. My questions are:. Do I need any other kind of cycle support with this cycle? And where should I run the a var(beginning middle end) in the 12 weeks?

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    It obviously depends on your sensitivity to things.
    I would hold on hands an AI and some Caber.

    Var at the end of the cycle.

    My 2 cents

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    anavar towards the end i would say, will help you with fatburning and towards the end your body needs all the support it can get (if your diet and cardio are any good ofcourse) so anavar will help very nicely then

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    An AI should be taken full stop if u ask me
    Arimadex EOD

    But letro and caber should def be at hand if shit gets out of control 7

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    Thanks for the info. I'll be starting next week. Going to go with 1ml ED of the lean gain extra (350mg each of Test p, Tren a, Mast, and NPP per week) .25 mg EOD Arimidex, and keep some caber on hand. I also decided to go with Stanavar as the oral to finish it off with. Still going to run clen/ T3 as mentioned above. See before pics below.
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    Tinypic i think is the site to help you get your pics up
    Once u upload your pics copy and past on here the forum url from the uploaded pics

    Keep us updated


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    How many weeks and what dosage do y'all recommend on the Stanavar?

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    I generally recommend orals to be rotated on and off the cycle, on for about 4 up to a maximum of 6 weeks then off for another 4 and repeat.

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