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Thread: Blast & Cruise vs PCT

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    Thanks Coach, that's exactly what i thought.

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    Ok guys I'll give you my take on it after 25 years of using gear. No BS

    As a guy bloke 20 years old did not know about PCT so would just cycle 6-8 weeks on and 6 weeks off then repeat. If I was planing a show my cycle would run an extra 4 weeks as I would use injectable winny last 4 weeks for condition so it was a 12 week cycle again with 6 weeks off. during my off time I would take nothing and would only drop a little strength and fullness and yes by week 6 felt like I was running on fumes so you guessed it back on cycle. I was smart enough to know to combat E2 and would take nolva or proviron with my cycles and sometimes run it 4 weeks after cycle as needed. I did not use these all the time only when I notice that my nips got sore and run it until they felt good again. Cycled like this for 3 years.

    Then I was put onto a DR and my cycles became longer 12-16 weeks then would do full PCT this is how I did it

    weeks 1-12 cycle
    week 13 hcg 3000iu mon-thurs
    week 14 hcg 1500iu mon-thurs
    then followed up with 30 days of clomid 50mg/ed

    blood work was done 6 weeks later and test levels fell back into normal ranges

    may take another 6-8 weeks off before doing it all again

    Now in my 40's I no longer can reach full recovery even with a good PCT
    so now just stay on low dose test and use HCG 10shots x 1000iu each shot spaced eod when I feel my balls are getting to small and it fixes it right up. When I cycle I'll add what every compounds I want to at the time keep the test low at trt if going for lean gains or up the test a bit more if wanting more fullness. I'll use AI and SERMS as needed plus any other support compounds like if taking tren would add some caber.

    hope you all got something out of that.

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    thanks for the info ironmaster, i agree after 35 or 40 trt is the best way to go. keep test at a 200mg per week and it will increase quality of life significantly without any real negatives sides. put from time to time some other compounds in for shredding for summer or growing etc and you are good. keep doing bloodtests to see how the body is responding and read about it and learn

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    PCT in my opinion is something created on internet , but if you stop and think with your head you will understand when you start gear if you stop you will lose because you are putting exogenous stuff in your body on dosages that your body never will produce to keep the gains. Even when you got bigger like 100kg shredded you will need maybe 1gr test just to keep this muscle mass .
    That´s why i always said to any natural guy : Think very well before you start , are you life from fitness image? are you be competition athlete? or you have a dream to get huge? If you want it badly understand this is a street without turning back .

    Doing PCT you are using drugs the same way : clomid, tamox, HCG , toxic for liver as the steroids used to grow , that´s why i try to avoid AI ( only when needed ) because the more drugs you use more stress you cause to your body . PCT is always a step back losing all or almost all and start again . When we start using gear the goal is always improve every day and the only way is stay on always , of course doing some cruises to rest the body but never off

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