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Thread: 3 month cycle - lean gains

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    3 month cycle - lean gains

    I took a 3 month break from gear. I feel good and ready to go again. I'm going to start a 3 month cycle.

    Current Stats:
    29yr, 87kg and 9% BF.

    Lean Gain at 1ml/EOD (50mg Test P, 75mg Tren A & 75mg Mast P).

    250P, 120C & 80F

    I'm looking to drop down to around 6-7% BF but gain some size at the same time. Any suggestions on gear or macros?
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    If going for a lean gain dropping fat and adding muscle try the following

    stay with the macros you have set and up the carbs to 400g every Wednesday and do a fast every Sunday that is to say stop eating at 8pm on Saturday and do not eat again until 12pm Sunday giving your body a 16hr fast once a week will do wonders you may consume flavored BCAA and drink them in water during your fasting mix 10g in 1/2 gallon of water and drink while fasting can go up to a full gallon to give your system a good flush.

    On the days your eating 120c eat 50% of that amount post workout either as a shake or solid meal if not training that day just make sure to get all 120c in before 4pm and on the carb load day just eat carbs at every meal to hit target of 400g

    As for gear what yo have is fine need need to up the dosage only thing you could do if you want to push it a little more is adding Abombs with oral stan but in a way that will reduce bloat here is how you do it.

    take 25mg drol every 8hrs 6am 2pm 10pm monday wednesday friday
    take 25mg stan every 8hrs 6am 2pm 10pm tuesday thursday saturday

    give liver a break buy taking on orals on sunday this will work well with fast also

    the idea of alternating orals is the side effects of the drol do not have a chance to build (loss of appetite and water weight) and the stan will keep things nice and tight and both orals can be taken much longer than usual protocols I would look at running it at week 4 till the end of your cycle then go just with stan 50mg ed for 3 weeks to really clean things up then go into your post cycle.

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    Will I get moon face from the Anadrol? I'm prone to moon face when on 600mg+/week of Test or high dosages of Dbol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamH View Post
    Will I get moon face from the Anadrol? I'm prone to moon face when on 600mg+/week of Test or high dosages of Dbol.
    less carbs or AI

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