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Thread: ANAVAR ONLY 30 day cut

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    ANAVAR ONLY 30 day cut

    4 days in to a cut - using anavar only before holiday. Definitely feel harder and tighter already, using 25mg MTS anavar tabs and 50mg daily.

    However, nipples feel a bit sore and look puffy? Not questioning the authenticity of the anavar, my mate has had some and not had similar effects.

    Can anyone shed light on why this might be? You think a few nolva would solve the problem?

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    4 days and nipples look puffy?
    1-It's just your psychological factor;
    2-There is something that is not good since before taking the anavar. Side effects need time to build. Anavar is not under investigation, looks elsewhere.

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    could be psychological factor, what do you mean by anavar is not under investigation, looks elsewhere?

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    even if you were taking dbol you wouldnt get puffy nipples in 4 days and our anavar is of high quality. check your diet, other AAS that you are taking. and i would also go up to 100mg anavar a day, thats where it really shines, much more results then just double from 50mg a day
    and if you wanna rock it at the holiday use injects but if no injects then use some winny alongside. these 2 compounds work really well together and if you are doing it do it right and get the results

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    Aye was going to taper up to 100mg a day just started of 50mg for a week to see how my body reacted to it! My first cycle so might get some winstrol to go with- planning on doing a beginner cycle with injects when I get back from holiday.

    Diet is very clean at the moment, eating 5-6 times a day nothing processed, all lean meat/fish and lots of veg. Pretty sure it's mind over matter, ta for the advice lads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scb1610 View Post
    could be psychological factor, what do you mean by anavar is not under investigation, looks elsewhere?
    I mean, even if it was true that your nipples look puffy, the cause can not be the product you are taking for only 4 days.

    Moreover anavar does not do this and even though dbol can not be in such a short time.

    So you have to look for the cause elsewhere.
    If the nipples are bad for you today, you have to see what you've taken from one to three weeks before.

    But if this is your first cycle, being quiet is just in your mind.

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