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Thread: 6 week post contest rebound

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    6 week post contest rebound

    Hey guys,

    im a junior competitor from germany.
    My contest season ended last weekend and im motivated as hell to get the most out of my body over the next year to place well in the open.

    Im currently one week into my rebound cycle.

    350 Sustanon e2d
    300 Eq e2d
    200 Npp e2d
    50mg Oxy ed
    6iu Growth ed

    All oils are from Med Tech Solutions

    Im now about 20kg up from my contest weight, sitting at 122-124 kg right now. Got in 30min fasted cardio every day and kept my diet 50/50 clean/junk for a whole week to give my body and a mind a rest from dieeting 20weeks.

    Tomorrow cheats will be cut out.

    4 moderate carbdays, 3 high carb days per week.

    training 6 times a week HIT.

    Will keep you guys up to date!

    Some contest and post contest pics from this week will be attached when i figured shit out Can only post from my smartphone right now. any help appreciated!

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    post pics via tinypic and copy the link from there

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    freaking huge!

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    Stage weight was 104-105kg at 182cm of height. Goal is to be 110 next year since this is my last year as a junior.

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    I reckon you're 23 or 24 then? Lots of potential, good job buddy you'll go far if you keep grinding.

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    im turning 23 this month yes

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