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Thread: PIP (Test Flu?)

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    PIP (Test Flu?)

    Pinned 300mg EQ and 100mg Test-E to my left glutes 2 days ago and woke up today to raging pain at the site. Doesn't feel hot, no discoloration but it's swollen (feel like a lump). But more concerning is that I feel feverish and dragging myself to gym and work today feels like hell.

    I don't think it's a infected abscess or anything (always wiped down with alcohol swab and all), but could it be related to how I'm actually pinning? I'd usually pin (while standing) unto the glute. I'm not very flexible, hence I cramped up that time while injecting and let go of the syringe. I couldn't physically turn for about a minute-ish then returned and injected slowly over 2 minutes. Was it just bad luck or something I should be worried about?

    Any experience of Test-E flu?

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    can be antyhing and some people get a bit of the so called test flu. its a period where the body is getting used to hormones and it usually passes quickly. nothing serious in any way. test flu has got zero to do with way of pinning, its a hormonal aspect.
    how you pin may cause a local swelling and infection if the needle etc isnt clean so always make sure to work with super clean items, you are injecting things IN your body

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