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Thread: Blood tests

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    whats the normal value for estrogen in your lab, did they give the parameters?

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    they say less than 40, I'm at the limit, so I asked this question

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    if its just on the upper limit then look at how you look and feel, if you feel the need to further lower it then do it but dont forget for any amount of growth and actually feeling good our estrogen must be within the normal ranges so bringing it down too far will bring havok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phill View Post
    I do not know how this can "affect" the questions asked...
    anyway, at the moment I'm taking:

    mutasion 1ml ed

    med-blend 450
    med-blend 500
    triple en

    1ml every week

    So total amount per week:
    EQ: 1800
    TEST E+C: 400
    PRIMO: 700
    TREN A: 525
    MAST P: 525
    TREN E: 225
    MAST E: 225

    Time are around the 8 week.
    Do you want to know what your real issues is?
    Reckless use of anabolics.

    Mate your cycle is way over the top you seem to be just banging in what you like and hope for a result.

    Tell you what why not drop down to 500mg/wk of test for a couple of months then get your bloods done and then see were your at.
    Your AI is way too high go with dex 0.5mg eod and a little t3 would be ok during this period say 50mcg ed.

    Do more reading on cycle plans and stop just shooting high dose gear for the sake of it.
    If high gear use is your game and it makes you feel like a big man you would be much safer doing 3-5g of test and control E2 with an AI and drop some t3 if looking to drop some fat. Much safer.

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